Philomène Irawaddy in a quintet led by pianist Alain Jean-Marie.

We remember the singer from her previous project “Cinderella’s notice”, a collection of compositions inspired by the Cinderella tale. Surrounded by almost the same musicians, the American singer gets back to the fundamentals of jazz around which she has built her personality. Drawing with relish from the treasures of the American songbook, a repertoire that she serves, she worships Ella Fitzgerald above all, as a true expert in musicality and vocal brio. She will be beautifully surrounded by the excellent Dmitry Baevsky (alto sax) and a perfectly attuned trio composed of Alain Jean-Marie (piano), Gilles Naturel (double bass) and Philippe Soirat (drums).


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Jean-Luc Caradec, Concert at the Sunside Jazz Club 29/09/2018

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“Philomène Irawaddy has undeniable talent and a dreamlike, perfectly mastered voice”

Pascal Derathé, Crest Jazz vocal 2008

Photo Philomene quartet